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Psychology: Guide Home

A research guide for psychology classes at South College.

Research Starter

Some strategies for starting research are:

  • Consult reference books and databases for quick information or an overview of a topic.
  • Find books and e-books for in-depth information or discussion on a topic.
  • Search journal indexes and databases for research from journal articles. Journals are likely to have the most current research.


Print journals are listed in the library catalog.

Individual Ebooks

Ebook Collections

Possible locations of print books on psychology, psychiatry, and human behavior in the Library of Congress system are:

  • BF (Psychology)
  • HV (Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology)
  • RC 435-571 (Psychiatry)

Print books are listed in the Library Catalog.


Psychological Development

Psychological Disorders

Substance Abuse

Support Groups

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