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Physical Sciences: Guide Home

Physical Science Research Starter

Physical Science Research Starter

Some ways to start research are:

  • Consult reference books and databases (encyclopedias, Credo Reference)
  • Find print and e-books (library catalog, EBSCO E-book Collection)
  • Search journal indexes and databases for articles (Gale databases from TEL)

These tasks can be done in any order, but reference books are a good starting place to find an overview of a topic or to look up basic facts quickly. Books and journal articles will contain more in-depth information.  There may be more commentary in journals or magazines than in books if the topic is very recent.

Frequently-used Resources

Reference databases and books


Journal Collections

All library print journals will be listed in the library catalog.

Print books will be listed in the library catalog.

Print books on physical sciences are likely to have shelving numbers starting with the following letters:

  • G - Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
    • G - Geography (General). Atlases. Maps
    • GB - Physical geography
    • GC - Oceanography
    • GE - Environmental Sciences
  • Q - Science
    • Q - Science (General)
    • QB - Astronomy
      • QB460-466 - Astrophysics
    • QC - Physics
      • QC1-75 - General
      • QC81-114 - Weights and measures
      • QC120-168.85 - Descriptive and experimental mechanics
      • QC170-197 - Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
      • QC221-246 - Acoustics. Sound
      • QC474-496.9 - Radiation physics (General)
      • QC501-766 - Electricity and magnetism
      • QC770-798 - Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
      • QC801-809 - Geophysics. Cosmic physics
      • QC811-849 - Geomagnetism
      • QC851-999 - Meteorology. Climatology
    • QE - Geology

Search Engines

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