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Micromedex & CareNotes: Guide Home

Guide on Accessing Micromedex On and Off Campus

Micromedex Access

CareNotes Access

Micromedex Apps

Micromedex offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. These apps are free to download through the library's subscription.  

The apps require a password for content access. To retrieve the password for each of these apps, go to the Micromedex homepage and click "Download Mobile Apps" at the bottom. On the following page, open the "Micromedex Native Mobile Apps" collapsible menu. 

The current Micromedex apps available are:

  • Micromedex Drug Reference
  • Micromedex Drug Interactions
  • Micromedex IV Compatibility
  • Micromedex NeoFax
  • Micromedex Pediatrics Reference

Logging in to Micromedex & CareNotes with OpenAthens

Selecting Micromedex

Selecting Micromedex & CareNotes from the Databases menu brings you to the Micromedex Guide. 

Database menu with Micromedex and CareNotes select

Micromedex Guide

From the guide, choose the best URL option based on whether or not you are on or off campus. 

Micromedex and CareNotes links

Choose Your Organization

Use the organization search to locate South College. 

Choose Your Organization

Sign In

Sign in to with your South College credentials.  

Students should choose Student and sign in with their Canvas username and password. 

Log in with Canvas username and password

Choose Your Resource

On the IBM landing page, choose either Micromedex or CareNotes to continue. 

Micromedex and CareNotes Landing Page