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Before you start your search, it is important to have a well-built question. One way to construct a well-built question is to use the PICO model. PICO stands for patient/population, intervention, comparison and outcomes. Having a well-built research question is important because it facilitates a focused search for relevant research evidence to inform your clinical decision-making. 

Librarian Tip: Search key terms from your PICO question in the Library Search to find evidence-based research articles for your paper.  If you get too few results, omit a term or terms from the search. If you get too many results, add key terms or more specific terms.  


PICO in Evidence Based Practice

Well-Built Question

Does using a mobile app blood pressure monitor (I) with features for data tracking, personalized feedback, and daily reminders lead to a greater reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure (O) over 12 months (T), compared to using a traditional upper arm cuff monitor (C), in a 67-year-old male diagnosed with hypertension (P)?

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