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Indianapolis Resource Center: Information

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Information about Services Available in the Resource Center. 

Indianapolis Learning Site


South College
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Help with an Access Issue

Text: 865-217-7631

Resource Center Services

South College ID Cards

‚ÄčAll South College faculty, staff, and students are issued a South College ID card.

The Resource Center/ Library is equipped with a camera and a card printer so IDs can be made on an as needed basis.  

Faculty and staff ID cards are made during the first week of employment.  

Student photos are taken and ID cards made during the orientation. 

Please contact the Resource Center staff about replacing a lost ID card.  

Did you know? Your ID card is also your library card! 

Types of Library Resources :

1. Databases 

2. EBooks & EBook Collections 

3. Videos & Video Collections 

4. Journals & Journal Collections 

Indianapolis faculty and students have access to the full suite of online resources available through the library website. These include databases, ebooks, ejournals, and streaming video.   

In addition to the lists on the library homepage, the resources are also broken down by program. Each Program Guide provides students with links to the resources recommended for them by librarians and faculty.  

While the library collection provides access to a wide variety of content, we also recognize that we don't have it all.  When you find an article or book you need that isn't in the library collection, our Interlibrary Loan department is here to request a copy for you from another library.

The Indianapolis Resource Center has 10 student laptops available for check out, on Campus use only. Please have your South College ID card ready to check out a student laptop.  The laptops are also set up to print wirelessly to the student printer in the Resource Center.   

Laptops may not leave the building and must be returned the same day they are checked out.

Please plan accordingly to check-in and out in-person, during Staffed Resource Center Hours.  

Student printing at the Indianapolis Learning Site is located in the Resource Center.

A dedicated student printer and computers are available for student printing during the access hours of the Resource Center.  The Resource Center's student laptops are also set up to print wirelessly to the student printer.  Printing costs three cents ($0.03) per page, photocopying cost five cents ($0.05) per page. Currently, printing is only available in black and white. 

Adding Money to a Print Account 

Students can add money, or credit, to their print accounts online with a debit or credit card.

To add money to your print account:

  • Go to Papercut and sign in with your Canvas username and password.  
  • Click "Add Credit" in the menu on the left and follow the prompts.  

For additional information about Student Printing, please see the Student Printing Information on the South College website. 

Student Center - Meeting / Study Rooms

There are four study rooms in the Indianapolis Student Center, all four have the following:

  • Maximum Seating for 6 people
  • Outlets Available
  • One White board per room 
  • All rooms have a glass-wall facing inward to Student Center

These study rooms may be reserved for student and faculty use (see the library reservations page for details).

Please call the onsite Resource Center/Library for additional assistance, thank you. 

Video tutorials about the library and library services for students. 

Interactive Library Tutorials:

Tutoring Programs at South College

(face to face or virtually via Zoom)

Math Lab - Our mission at the South College Math Lab is to help students become stronger and more confident in their understanding and application of mathematics. The virtual Math Lab is staffed all days of the week, including one hour a day of Virtual Tutoring help online, and can be used by South College students enrolled in ANY math class. This is a completely free service!

Writing LabWe invite you to schedule an appointment with a Writing Lab tutor by finding your campus at the link below.  Appointments can be made in person or virtually via Zoom. Writing Lab tutors can assist with paper review, brainstorming, and all stages of the drafting process.

Tech Lab - Our mission at the South College Computer Lab is to help students become stronger, more confident, and self-reliant in the utilization of technology. We offer virtual tutoring to students from any campus as well as in-person tutoring in the Knoxville Lonas Library. We can help in the following areas:

  • Concepts related to assignments in SCC1031
  • Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Canvas, school email, OneDrive, and other South College online Resources
  • Creating an organized file system, saving files, and uploading assignments in Canvas
  • Computer updates and basic troubleshooting


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