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Data Sets

A data set (also shown as dataset) is essentially a collection of related data that is organized for analysis or some other purpose. The data is typically organized in a specific way, often in rows and columns or another format that makes it easy to access and use. Data sets can come in various formats, including spreadsheets, databases, or even collections of text files or images. Data sets are used for a variety of purposes, including research, statistical analysis, training machine learning models, and data visualization.

Librarian Tip

Instead of crafting a research question first and then searching for a data set that matches it, explore data sets that are available to you and let them inspire your research question. 

Library Resources

Statista contains mostly aggregated data. Raw data may be available through clicking on "source link".

Data Set Repositories & Search Engines


You may need to complete special permission forms to access some data sets and/or pay a fee. 

It is your responsibility to determine the requirements for the use of any of the data sets listed on this page. 

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