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Parkside Library: Information

Room 109

Information about the services available through the Parkside Library.

Parkside Library


South College
400 Goodys Ln., Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37922

Instruction Librarian

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Jon Hudson
Parkside Library
400 Goody's Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37922
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Student Printing at Parkside

Student printing at the Parkside Learning Site is located in the library and student center. A dedicated student printer and computer lab are available for student printing during the access hours of the library.  The library's student laptops are also set up to print wirelessly to the student printer.  Printing costs 3 cents per page.  Currently, printing is only available in black and white.  

Adding Money to a Print Account 

Students can add money, or credit, to their print accounts online with a debit or credit card. To add money to your print account, go to Papercut and sign in with your Canvas username and password.  Click "Add Credit" in the menu on the left and follow the prompts.  

Web Printing

A separate student printer is also available in the Student Center. Students at the Parkside Learning Site may use the Papercut website to web print from their personal laptops to the student printer in the library or the student printer in the Student Center.  Instructions for web printing are available on the Student Printing Information page of the South College website. 

For additional information about Student Printing, please see the Student Printing Information. 

The Parkside Library offers seven meeting rooms and one conference room for quiet study and group projects.  These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis unless they have been reserved in advance.  Library staff post signs for the day's reservations each morning.  

Parkside meeting rooms may be reserved for studying, group work, and faculty meetings using the Reservations system.  

Library Computer Resources

The Parkside library has:

  • 19 desktop computers in its computer lab
  • 10 student laptop computers, kept behind the desk, available for check out and may be used on campus only
  • 2 additional laptops reserved for faculty use

For classroom instruction, the lab also has an overhead projector that can be connected to a laptop by an HDMI cable. Instructors may borrow the projector remote and cable from the library front desk.

Audio-Visual Resources

All the Parkside library lab computers and laptops have DVD players. Headphones and computer mouse devices can be borrowed from the front desk.

For viewing on a larger screen, there is a television set equipped with DVD and VHS players kept in Meeting Room 1 (see the Meeting Rooms tab). Instructors may reserve the televisions to use in their classrooms or in the library.

The Parkside Library is equipped to make faculty, staff and student ID cards during Staffed Hours. See the hours box on this page for the current Staffed Hours.  IDs are made on an as needed basis.  Have questions or need your card reprinted? Contact the library at 865-288-5750.

Did you know? Your ID card is also your library card! 

Test Administration 

Test administration is available Monday through Thursday from 8:15am to 6:15pm, and Fridays from 8:15am - 4:45pm through the library.

Test administration can be used for students making up exams or for students who have approved accommodations for separate, quiet testing through the Student Services Department. Test administration will be conducted in the library common area unless the instructor reserves a library meeting room.  

Requests for test administration are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Any changes to the appointment should be communicated by the instructor as soon as possible to the library.  For rescheduled appointments, the library staff will do their best to accommodate the new requested date and time, when possible.

ADA Accommodations & Test Proctoring

A library meeting room reservation is required for students with approved accommodations for separate, quiet testing.  Test proctoring is offered for ADA accommodations using cameras and recording software, and requires a library meeting room reservation.  

Requesting Proctoring for ADA Accommodations

Requests for test proctoring are taken on a first come, first serve basis. The instructor is required to submit the room reservation & proctoring request at least 2 business days before the exam. Reservations submitted on the weekends or during holiday closures will be addressed on the following business day. It is highly recommended that instructors make reservations as early as possible in the quarter. 

Any changes to the appointment should be communicated by the instructor as soon as possible to the library.  For rescheduled appointments, the library staff will do their best to accommodate the new requested date and time, when possible.

Learning Lab Information

In Knoxville, the General Education Learning Lab — consisting of the Writing Lab and Math Lab — is located in the Lonas Library. The Learning Lab is at the back of the Lonas Library main room, in the largest room on the left.

The General Education Department updates the Writing Lab and math tutoring hours each quarter. The quarterly Math and Writing Lab schedule for Knoxville is posted on the college website, and the Lonas Library staff posts the Knoxville lab hours near the Lonas Library door.

Contact the Knoxville Writing Lab by e-mail at

Writing Lab - Online

Check out the Writing Lab's Canvas course below. It contains their hours, a list of their services, and several pages worth of online resources for writing and paper formatting.

Parkside Library

Online Orientation

Director of Library Services

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Anya McKinney
3904 Lonas Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37909