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Physics Research Starter

Physics Research Starter

Some ways to start research are:

  • Consult reference books and databases (encyclopedias, Credo Reference)
  • Find print and e-books (EBSCO Ebook Collection)
  • Search journal indexes and databases for articles (Academic Search Complete, Gale databases)

These tasks can be done in any order, but reference books are a good starting place to find an overview of a topic or to look up basic facts quickly. Books and journal articles will contain more in-depth information.  There may be more commentary in journals or magazines than in books if the topic is very recent.

Frequently-used Resources

Reference databases and books

Journal Collections

Books and Ebooks

Print books on physics are likely to have shelving numbers starting with the following letters:

  • Q - Science (General)
  • QB - Astronomy
    • QB460-466 - Astrophysics
  • QC - Physics
    • QC1-75 - General
    • QC81-114 - Weights and measures
    • QC120-168.85 - Descriptive and experimental mechanics
    • QC170-197 - Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
    • QC221-246 - Acoustics. Sound
    • QC474-496.9 - Radiation physics (General)
    • QC501-766 - Electricity and magnetism
    • QC770-798 - Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
    • QC801-809 - Geophysics. Cosmic physics
    • QC811-849 - Geomagnetism
    • QC851-999 - Meteorology. Climatology

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