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Streaming Video: YouTube

Public Streaming Video Services

Can I post YouTube videos in my Canvas courses?

Answer: Yes.

The best way to post YouTube videos is to link to the video instead of embedding it in Canvas. In general, linking to the public videos outside the paid course is not a violation of copyright, as your students are leaving the course to locate the video for their own personal, educational use. 

YouTube does provide embed options, which are just code and not a copy of the actual video.  However, we recommend proceeding with caution unless the video has a Creative Commons license permitting your use.  

Can I stream YouTube videos in the classroom? 

Answer: Yes, if the video permits the use. 

Does the video have a Creative Commons license?  

After performing a search for video content, you can filter the results by Creative Commons license to find content with reuse rights.  The CC BY license will inform whether the copyright owner of the video permits your use. 

YouTube -

The official YouTube channel of the U.S. Government, linking to videos across government. Most content produced by the government falls in the public domain. As government works in the public domain, the videos on this channel are free to use.