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Basic Research Process

Citing Information

Why should I cite my sources?

According to the General Studies Department: All work must be original, reflecting the student’s own ideas and work. Plagiarism is using someone else’s work (exact words, paraphrased thoughts, ideas, etc.) without giving proper credit.

What is a citation?

In-text citations are used to point to a specific source in the reference list. This indicates that the ideas in the cited sentence were pulled from that source. Each in-text citation must correspond to a source in the reference list, and each source in the reference list must be cited at least once in the body of the paper. Proper use of in-text citations and a reference list helps writers avoid plagiarism.

APA Style

APA citation style is the official style of the American Psychological Association and is community used in the psychology, education, and social science fields. Take a look at our APA Style Guide for 7th Edition to help answer questions about formatting and citation style.

OWL at Perdue is another highly recommended resource for APA style. 

AMA Style

AMA Style was created by the American Medical Association for medical and scientific publishing. Take a look at our AMA Style Guide to help answer questions about formatting and citation style.