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Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints


The Overview page provides a brief summary of the topic and contains links to content of various types on the topic. Click on "Read More" to read an expanded overview of the topic. The expanded overview provides a comprehensive detailed summary of the topic, spotlights Main Ideas, offers Critical Thinking Questions, and provides a citation tool. In addition, the expanded overview connects you to more resources about the topic and other related subjects. 

Topic Title

Expanded Overview of the Topic

Here is an example of an expanded overview. In general, the expanded overview will provide a description of the topic and its significance as an important issue. Key terms related to the topic are defined and statistics are used to illustrate main points. Moreover, the topic page will usually share information about the causes of a problem and its consequences. 

Main Ideas

To aid comprehension and focus the reader on what's most important, the overview of the topic is distilled for you and condensed into a bullet point Main Ideas section. 

Critical Thinking Questions

Each topic page comes with a set of Critical Thinking Questions. These questions can help you make deeper connections between ideas, consider what you believe, and actively apply the information you are learning. 

Source Citation

When you use information from a source, it is necessary to give credit to the source and avoid plagiarism. Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints makes it easy for you to cite information from its pages and sources. Choose a citation style, and the citation tool will generate a reference. Be sure to check the generated citation for accuracy to make sure that it follows citation style rules.  

More Resources and Related Topics

If you want to read more on the topic or on related topics, Gale makes this easy too. On each topic page, you will find links to "More Like This" and Related Subjects that can help you develop a fuller understanding of the issue and how it relates to others.