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RN to BSN Program: 3P's Resources & More

3 P's Resources & More

Information on the 3 P's Resources & More page supports the curriculum of the RN to BSN Program's core classes. Here, students and faculty can find resources for pathophysiology, pharmacology, practicing assessment, community health, and informatics on this page. 

Pathophysiology Resources

Physical Assessment Resources

Pharmacology Resources

Login Directions: You will be directed to TDS Health login. DO NOT enter a User name or Password here. Instead, under the Log in button, click Athens Login. You will be taken to the OpenAthens login screen. Under "Find your institution," select/type in South College. Next, sign in with your Canvas username & password. If you are a student, be sure to choose Student Ldap from the drop down menu. Click sign in. This will take you to the TDS Health homepage. Here, choose the EBMcalc box. Pharmacology resources can be found under the tab "Specialties" and then "Pharmacology."

Nursing Leadership & Administration Resources

Community Health Resources



Informatics Resources