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Using EBSCO Folder to Save and Organize Your Search Results

The Library Search features an "Add to Folder" tool to help you save and organize your search results.

IMPORTANT: If you are searching an EBSCO database directly, and not searching through the Library Search, you will need to sign in to your account to use the Add to Folder tool. Click on the words "Sign In" in the top righthand corner of your results page. If you do not do this, and simply "add to folder," the articles you think you are saving will be cleared at the end of the browsing session. 

For more information about foldering and other special features of the Library Search, click on the link below:

Citation Tools

The cite tool featured in our Library Search, like other citation tools/makers, sometimes creates citations that have errors in them because they are machine generated. The Library Search cite tool has this disclaimer "Make any necessary corrections before using. Pay special attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates. Always consult your library resources for the exact formatting and punctuation guidelines."

Does this mean that you shouldn't use cite tools? No! It just means that you will need to check that your cite tool generated citations is correct and fix it where it is not. Using a cite tool is still a good idea. It's time saving in that you don't have to create a citation from scratch. Use what it gives you, but be sure to fix aspects of the created citation that do not conform with AMA rules. Refer to the Library's AMA Guide for help with AMA formatting. 

Online Appointments

Online students and faculty are welcome to schedule appointments to meet with a librarian online to get help with projects and research.  The librarian will send you a link to a Zoom meeting. 

Select a librarian from the list, or choose the Appointments button on your Program Librarian's profile box. 

Google Scholar and Library Databases

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly journal articles. Follow these steps to link articles available in South College Library's databases to your Google Scholar search. 

  1.  Go to Google Scholar>Settings>Library Links and search South College.

  2. Check the box for South College - South College Full Text.

  3. Click Save.

Interlibrary Loan

If you identify a scholarly article in Google Scholar that you want full-text access to but it is not in the South College databases and it is not available Open Access on the internet, you can request access to it through interlibrary loan. Complete an interlibrary loan request form. Provide all required information. It takes usually between 1-4 days to receive an article through interlibrary loan. 

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