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Faculty Information: Request Resources

Introduction to the library and library resources for faculty.

Request Resources

Please complete the Faculty Requests form (see below) if you wish the library to purchase materials for your courses. The more information you can supply, the faster we can process your request.

Material requests include but are not limited to books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and other physical items.  New materials may be requested at any time during the quarter. The library will notify you when your request has arrived or if we need additional information.  

Database and journal subscription recommendations can be made throughout the academic year.  However, recurring subscription resources must be submitted for approval during the annual budget process in the spring. The library director works with academic departments in the spring to add and remove resources to the library budget proposal.  The library recommends that faculty discuss database and journal recommendations with their department/department chair for the library budget proposal. 

To request a Collection List for your school/department, please contact your subject librarian.

Faculty Request Form