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Information Literacy

This is a learning guide designed to teach students about information literacy and why it matters.

Academic Writing

As a student at South College, you'll likely be asked to apply the information you have learned through research by writing a paper. Academic writing is different than creative writing and informal writing. It generally requires a formal style and focuses on evidence-based arguments. Strong arguments have these 3 elements: specificity, coherence, and originality. Want to learn more? Watch this video from USC Libraries:

Research Paper Template (APA 7th)

Many of our courses here at South College will require you to write a paper following APA 7th style formatting. Here's a template created by our Writing Lab that can help you format your paper and follow the rules of style. 

South College AMA Style Guide

Some of our programs follow the rules in the AMA Manual of Style. If your program requires you to follow AMA style, this guide can help you when the AMA guidelines are general.

South College Writing Lab

The South College Writing Lab can help you with various facets of the writing process including: understanding an assignment and developing a topic, brainstorming and pre-writing, refining research skills, narrowing your topic to develop an effective argument, and organizing and focusing your paper.