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Library Orientations

The library offers a variety of orientation options for faculty and students.  Traditional, on-ground library orientations are offered at the Lonas, Parkside, and Asheville campuses.  Faculty at these campuses and at the Nashville campus may also request their librarian provide the orientation session in the classroom; this option works well for courses and programs that require each student to bring a personal laptop to the classroom. 

Faculty at other campuses may request a virtual library orientation. Contact your subject librarian for more information and scheduling. Alternatively, faculty can direct their students to take the online Library Orientation Course available in Canvas.  The course may be assigned as optional, as an assignment, or as extra credit.

On Ground Library Orientations

Faculty at Lonas and Parkside may request a library orientation for the students in a specific course.  Library orientations are recommended for students enrolled in introductory classes such as College Management, Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant, Fundamentals of Healthcare, Introduction to Professional Nursing, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Foundations of Education classes.

These introductory orientations teach students how to make the best use of the resources available in the South College libraries. Class lecture is followed by a hands-on demonstration of both print and electronic resources. New Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy cohorts receive an orientation during their program orientation, and can participate in the hands-on section by using their laptops.

To schedule a library orientation at Lonas or Parkside:

​Click the "Reservations" tab at the top of the library homepage.  Select the appropriate library computer lab reservation form.  The completed form will be forwarded to the appropriate program librarian.  Library staff will contact you to confirm your orientation; your program librarian may contact you for additional information to prepare for the orientation.  

Program Orientations

Library Orientation Course

The library offers a Library Orientation Course in Canvas with versions of the course targeted for each city as well as the online campus.  The orientation is intended for online courses and programs, and courses located at a learning site that does not employ an on-ground librarian.  On-ground faculty with large class sizes that are difficult to accommodate in the library computer labs, or where class time is at a premium, may make use of the online course in place of a traditional, in-person library orientation. 

Faculty may assign the library orientation course to their students or recommend the orientation for students to review.  The orientation includes brief quizzes to test student comprehension of the material before progressing.  The orientation includes a submission form at the end for students who are required to take the course by an instructor. The submission form asks for student, course, and instructor information, which is then forwarded to the instructor as confirmation of course completion.  For more information, please contact Anya McKinney. 

Library Orientation Courses by Location


Individual faculty and students may contact a librarian to request a one-on-one orientation, training, or research session.  Appointments are available in person or online using Zoom.