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Student Newsletter: Library Tips

Quarterly quick tips and intros about the Library Department for students.

Fall 2021

Welcome to Fall Quarter 2021!

In This Edition: 

  • Library Orientations
  • Did you know? 
  • Resource Highlight: 

Library Orientations
Interested in learning more about all the services and resources the South College Library provides to support your education?  The library offers an online Library Orientation Course for each campus and program that will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with the library.  You can choose a different version for each city as well as the online campus, so you can take the orientation designed for your location.  You can also book an appointment with one of your program’s librarians for a one-on-one orientation, in person or via Zoom. 

Did you know? 

Getting Help with Your Research
Library staff are here to help you with resources and research for your projects.  We can recommend specific resources, help you with search terms, help you cite your sources, and show you where to locate full text. You can also use the library’s Doing Research Guide  to help you get started.  Make an appointment with your Program Librarian, email or contact the librarians on duty through the Ask a Librarian chat.  

Resource Highlight

Did you know the library provides access to global data?  Statista is the newest research platform providing statistics on a wide range of subjects from consumer goods and sports to technology and transportation.  You can also find reports like industry reports and digital trends as well as market outlooks in areas like technology and health.  Statista also provides tools for finding business plans, companies and studies from around the world.  Check out Statista in the library’s databases menu today! 

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