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Faculty Newsletter: 2020, Issue 3, Summer Quarter

Quarterly quick tips and intros about the Library Department for faculty.

Summer 2020

In This Edition: 

•    Library Instruction 
•    Resource Highlight: Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy
•    Did You Know? Ebooks & Online Access

Library Instruction
The library provides a variety of instruction options for faculty and students.  Library Orientations, research sessions, and individual help are provided by the librarians, both on campus and remotely using Zoom.  Faculty can request an orientation for on ground classes in the library or the classroom.  For online classes, a librarian can provide an orientation via a live Zoom session.  Asynchronous courses have the option to provide their students with the Library Orientation Course in Canvas.  In addition to the course, the library provides video tutorials for students and faculty.  

Resource Highlight: Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy
The library has added a subscription to Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy to support online labs and anatomy classes.  The Video Atlas, recommended for nursing, physical and occupational therapy, kinesiology, and massage therapy students, provides video of cadaver dissection in three dimensions.  Acland’s is accessible through the Databases menus on the library website and is available for use by all South College programs. 

Did you know? 
Ebooks & Online Access
The library provides access to subscription ebook collections and purchased ebook titles. Individual ebook titles are purchased on request from faculty both to fill gaps in existing collections and to build collections for a new subject or program.  An ongoing list of the collections and individual ebooks available through the library can be found on the Ebooks & Ebook Collections section of the library website.  Faculty are welcome to include ebook direct links in their Canvas courses for quick access to reference books and, where available, course textbooks that have been purchased as ebooks. 

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